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This written-for-you pack of 5 articles on Digital Detox will help you and the people you serve reclaim time, focus, and mental clarity. Learn to cultivate mindful habits and create a healthier relationship with technology. Embrace the freedom of unplugging and find balance in a hyper-connected world.

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As a coach or wellness professional, you understand the power of providing valuable content to your audience. However, crafting compelling and informative content can be time-consuming and take away from your core focus: helping your clients achieve their goals. That's where our premium DFY (Done-For-You) content comes in.

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Digital Detox Article Titles

72 Hours without Your Phone - How to Survive Digital Detox in without Totally Losing It
Going Unplugged - 6 Signs You Need a Digital Detox
The Benefits of Going Unplugged - What Is Digital Detox?
Time to Unplug and Reclaim Your Mental Health - 11 Easy Ways to Digital Detox
Win Back Your Time and Take Control of Your Mental Fitness – How to Get Started with Digital Detox

Writing Sample:

72 Hours without Your Phone - How to Survive Digital Detox in without Totally Losing It

You know that doing a digital detox would reduce stress, help you take control of your time, and improve your mental health.

But going hours, days, or maybe longer without your precious devices and social media makes you want to curl up into a fetal position and hide.

What do you do?

Digital detox doesn’t necessarily mean going 100% without all devices and internet. Especially your first time, you can make some rules to limit use and detox so you can then create new habits.

What Is Digital Detox?

Digital detox means severing your connections to digital technology for a limited time while you reconnect to real life. You drastically reduce access to computers, smartphones, and other devices. This includes email, internet search, social media, games, and anything else you do online.

The result is more mental clarity, reduced stress, and a reconnection to “IRL.” You can then start using your devices with new habits and better boundaries so you can maintain a healthy balance...

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Questions & Answers

What is private label rights (PLR) content?

Private label rights (PLR) content is a type of digital content that you can purchase and then use as your own. The rights to the content are typically transferred to you when you purchase it, and you can then modify the content and use it in any way you like. Some common uses for PLR content include creating ebooks, videos, and courses; adding the content to your blog or website; and creating products to sell. The content is usually sold with a license that outlines the terms of use, which may include restrictions on how the content can be modified and distributed.

Do you have a refund policy? 

Yes, there are no refunds based on the nature of digital downloads however, if for whatever reason you're not able to download your content, contact me right away and I'll fix the issue. 

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Anyone who wants to save time and money it takes to produce their own well written quality content. 

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Yes! Greg Scott is an English native speaker. He was born, raised and college educated in America. 

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