this Easy method will make Repurposing Your Content A Breeze.

With this guide, you'll standout from the crowd by turning your PLR into something that fits you and your brand best. Just Click Below...


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PLR Content

You can stop wasting time staring at the computer monitor trying to write content when it's just not your "Jam." We've got you covered. All our private label rights (PLR) is written by Greg Scott who has 20 years experience ghostwriting online. 

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One of the biggest issues holding people back from having a thriving business online, is putting together the technical pieces. We can handle this part for you. From squeeze pages to auto responder configurations, etc. Click Here.

Written Just For You?

Greg Scott hasn't taken on any private clients for some time now however, he's open to looking at your project. To share details about your writing project with Greg, Click Here.

"So thankful that I found you."


I am so thankful that I found you. I love to write I need a helping hand for content creation. I can recommend your services with 100% confidence. Here's why:

1. You did all the research - I only provided titles to give you some idea of the theme.
2. You let me know you were going to deliver the product on time - so I wasn't left to wonder...and wonder.
3. You delivered the unique articles on time!
4. I didn't have to rework the articles at all.
5. I started to check them for uniqueness through copyscape and decided that was a waste of time.
6. You provided 20% more for the price. Wow! What an unexpected treat.

Thanks and I'll be back!

Kate Rieger

Tools We Use

Auto responders 

Doesn't really matter which one you use because the top five are all good. For us, we use and recommend Aweber. They have a free trail you can try before you buy.   Click Here

Image Creation  

Canva is our go-to tool for anything related to images. We recommend it.
The free version is a great starting point.
Click Here.


20 years online, we've tested many hosting services. Now, we host all sites on Siteground. They're fast, pricing is competitive, and optimized for WordPress.
Click Here to learn more.

Meet The team

Niche Ghostwriter with over 20 years experience online. 

Greg Scott

Business and life coach with a knack for tech, structure, and systems.

Craig Desorcy

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this Easy method will make Repurposing Your Content a Breeze.

With this guide, you'll standout from the crowd by turning your PLR into something that fits you and your brand best. Just Click Below...

Questions & Answers

What is private label rights (PLR) content?

Private label rights (PLR) content is a type of digital content that you can purchase and then use as your own. The rights to the content are typically transferred to you when you purchase it, and you can then modify the content and use it in any way you like. Some common uses for PLR content include creating ebooks, videos, and courses; adding the content to your blog or website; and creating products to sell. The content is usually sold with a license that outlines the terms of use, which may include restrictions on how the content can be modified and distributed.

Who is private label rights (PLR) content for?

Private label rights (PLR) content is typically for online marketers, content creators, and business owners who want to use pre-written content as a foundation for their own projects. By purchasing PLR content, they can save time and effort in creating original content from scratch. PLR content can be used in a variety of ways, such as creating blog posts, social media posts, email newsletters, ebooks, and more. It can also be edited and customized to suit the needs of the user. Some people may use PLR content as a way to quickly and inexpensively build a website or online business, while others may use it to supplement their own content marketing efforts.

Should I repurpose my private label rights content (PLR)?

Yes, of course. The reason is that one of our PLR reports can be turned into tons of quality content you can use on the internet. For example, one report an be turned into a high-end coaching program, Instagram posts, Twitter posts, video content, etc. Your imagination's the only limit. If you haven't subscribed to our mailing list, please do so below and we'll send you our latest report on how to repurpose your PLR.

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